“In our darkest moments, we all hope we can eventually emerge on the other side into a safer, more secure space. And maybe even raise a pint to both acknowledge the journey and celebrate the destination. That’s at the core of “White Noise,” the haunting new single from Wyn & the White Light, which examines the confusion and fear Wyn Doran experienced recently while sick in isolation.
Wyn & the White Light’s debut music video paints a powerful visual.
“Wyn Doran evokes with her powerful range going from a banshee’s wail to a more Blues-infused baritone… When it comes down to it, there’s not really a lot that sounds ANYTHING like what Wyn & the White Light is laying down right now.”
“Wyn & the White Light and Josh Knowles healed us through music”
“The passionate and almost sacred aura was so profound that I hesitated to even lift my camera and break the spell with a photo.”
“If we haven't convinced you to jump on the Wyn bandwagon yet, "Heal Me" should convince you.”
"Wyn & the White Light had us highly anticipating new music, and now we're more than intrigued to hear more!"