Wyn and the White Light is the pomegranate-infused haunted-soul-rock band led by two-time ‘Female Performer of the Year’ New England Music Award (NEMA) nominee Wyn Doran. Wyn is no stranger to the New England music scene, receiving numerous NEMA nominations for her solo music, opening for acts including Rhett Miller and Giant Rooks, and working closely with Ben Folds at songwriting retreats. With the addition of Lucia Jean (bass/vocals) and Heidi Tierney (drums/vocals), Wyn has expanded into a new electric chapter with the White Light. The trio’s live act has taken flight: weaving primal, haunting energy with "blackened, burning candor (Deli Magazine),” and selling out numerous Boston shows in their first year.

All members of the band have faced their mortality in the wake of medical trauma, uniting to lift the message of Wyn’s songs which confront the experience of living with chronic illness and strength found in adversity. The trio recorded their debut 10-song LP entitled ‘Luck” in 2023, a journey through the divine feminine and near death experience.